Shopping Mall Kids Zone

Shopping Mall Kids Zone

As a director of a play program, shopping mall kids zone is always on my mind. But since the pandemic, I think shopping mall kids zone is now on almost every parent’s mind! 

Usually there are indoor rope course, large slide, kids ball pool, kids trampoline, soft play items, kids seesaw, rocker, tunnel, and etc,.

Full-body, sensory-rich, meaningful play experiences are essential to children’s intellectual and physical development. Young kids naturally seek out the types of play that serve the systems their brain is trying to develop.

If your child seems obsessed with jumping or experimenting with making different sounds, for example, it’s because their brain is busy building their proprioceptive and auditory systems!

Home play alone isn’t enough, the outdoors supports child development in ways that home environments simply cannot. Here’s why:

There are fewer rules to limit children’s play Big, loud, and messy play is usually much more tolerated outdoors than indoors. Outside, adults don’t have to police every movement, and children have the opportunity to experiment and take risks.

When provided with a safe, “yes” environment shopping mall kids zone , kids can do the things their brain and body are seeking. They can run, jump, spin, and climb, yell, sing, and play without adults always telling them to slow down, be quiet, and stay clean! 

Big movements stimulate the vestibular system Running, jumping, rolling, spinning, and climbing all change the position of the head, which stimulates the vestibular system. This sensory system is the “air traffic controller” or organizer for all of the other senses and influences things like attention, regulation, balance, spatial awareness, and coordination of the eye muscles.

Children need regular, repeated, and rapid stimulation of the vestibular system, which occurs much more naturally in an outdoor setting. 

During this time when many of us are feeling overwhelmed, remember that often the best outdoor play is very simple. Instead of painstakingly setting up activities for your kids, create a “yes” environment outside and let them take charge!

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