China Playground Equipment

China Playground Equipment
China Playground Equipment
China Playground Equipment
China Playground Equipment

China Playground Equipment

Product Type: Outdoor Playground
Model No.:ML-XBS1073
Age Range: 2-12 years
Certificate: GS,TUV,CCC,ISO9001,14001,18001 etc.

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At present, the playground equipment market is divided into three kinds, one is the factory direct sales, the second is the middleman, the third is the brand side. Middlemen are those who have no factory, only one office, and then take the order to find a factory to do he take profits in the middle. Brand side is also a kind of factory direct sales, just because it takes a long time or invests heavily in publicity, the price of the brand is more expensive, about two or three times that of factory direct sales. There is children's park divided into indoor and outdoor, indoor is naughty castle, outdoor is no power amusement equipment. In comparison, the price of unpowered equipment is higher. Unpowered amusement equipment is trampoline, stainless steel slide, and outdoor residential areas.

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