How to Build an Animal Themed Playground

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Project address: Wildlife Monitoring and Rescue Center in Tianhe District, Guangzhou! In this special and caring place, we designed a set of unique slides to let children feel the connection with nature and the importance of protecting wild animals while playing.



We not only designed a slide in the shape of a pangolin, but also specially prepared a rocking horse and a seesaw in the shape of a pangolin for the children.



The theme of this slide is inspired by the pangolin, a precious wild animal considered the guardian of the natural world. The shape of the slide incorporates the cute image of the pangolin, which is both practical and interesting. Children can glide freely on the back of the pangolin, as if they are in the embrace of nature.

Through these pangolin-themed rides, we hope that children will develop awareness of the protection of wild animals, deepen their respect for the natural environment, and experience the fun of intimate interaction with wild animals. Let us work together to create a paradise full of laughter and harmony with nature!



Christina Ge
Christina Ge Says:

Please send me a mail with catalog. thank you

Zhejiang Monle Toys Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Monle Toys Co., Ltd Says:

Already sent, Please check. Looking forward to your reply.

Christina Ge
Kim Lee Says:

Hello, live in US. SW Florida to be exact. Want to inquire about your products. Can I have a catalog with the prices in it? Thanks

Zhejiang Monle Toys Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Monle Toys Co., Ltd Says:

We are pleasure to help you regarding kids playground business, Process please kindly check your email, We will provide customized design and set up on your place.

Christina Ge
Rajneel Richard Narayan Says:

Hi, I am interested in opening up a play center. Please can you forward your catalogue.

Zhejiang Monle Toys Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Monle Toys Co., Ltd Says:

Thanks for your message! We are pleasure to design and setup soft play area for you, Please check our reply to your email, We will start your design as soon as get feedback on your floor plan.

Christina Ge
Tahja williams Says:

Hi may I get a catalog of your products

Zhejiang Monle Toys Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Monle Toys Co., Ltd Says:

Nice day! Please check your email for catalog, please follow the process and provide floor plan, We will make a good design for you.

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